teyo lee

I think i was in middle school when i heard my mother fighting with this man.I thought to myself what a terrible world.
My parents divorced when i was around 2.I never really had much for a father figure growing up,my mother had to go it alone , and she did.Working hard to support 3 children had its impact on her , she turned to drinking and it was hard to watch it destroy her.
We moved a lot growing up.Many different schools and neighborhoods to dull my mind and harden my heart.Obviously these were not christian community's ...no daddy,no farm to instill a hard work ethic in me.Not much of a moral code to fallow... BABYLON IS FALLEN IS FALLEN and i lived among the rubble!
In my younger days i can recall going to youth group at church and i believe even walking down when they did the alter call.I can also remember a dream i had around the age of 5.I was in an almost never ending white room.I was in front of my whole family...then i was beheaded! i think to follow the creator is something i desired from a very early age.
High school came and went,eventually i went as well ! too discouraged to go along with the educational system.I do regret not paying more attention in English class and history though.
In middle , or early high school i too began to drink and smoke and sharpen my sinfluence.On different occasions i was spending time with the local law enforcement at their place of work.(Oh the shame of being soooo stupid !)
All the while my heart yearned for something real,something meaningful and good, something that could change the world,at least mine.
At the age of 23 i was incarcerated in the local jail , ironically of whom my great,great grandfather was the 1st chief of police...I can remember cleaning the conference room and looking up at this big picture on the wall and thinking "if he could only see me now "
But what a BLESSING it was to spend that time there. I was able to sober up and read and read and read the bible.Oh how i yearned to be spiritually free "PLEASE GOD WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE I WANT TO SERVE YOU I WANT YOU TO HELP ME CHANGE MY LIFE !"
When the day came for me to be released i realized rather quickly that the flesh is weak but eventually i was snatched from the darkness to walk in the glorious light of the gospel(good news )and our hope is that this would be good news to you as well.May the LORD bless your understanding and grant you the humility to be honest,not only with your self but also with HIS WORD.-teyo


  1. Great testimony brother. Keep fighting the good fight. brother dwayne

  2. thanks brother dwayne.lord bless your walk aswell.

  3. How refreshing to read the final two lines...always seems to be the best part. Thanks for sharing your life story, the Almighty knows that I relate...

    Mercy rejoices--s