Sunday, November 9, 2014

New Blog

Greetings in the Blessed name of our Lord and King! We are considering a new blog so i think i will upload this one into it. The next blog will be a combination of the 3 blogs i have started. Zion Road, The Free Box Bike, and this one. I'm thinking of a online community blog with more attention on instruction and teaching for all those who might be interested. When we started this format on blogger i had a Internet connection , but then shortly after my family moved to Missouri and did not. For the past few years i have been trying to up keep these blogs with my spotty connection and a cell phone. i have to say for those who have been following this thanks for hanging in there! Please comment on what you think would make this more appealing to you in relation to content and i will be happy to considering applying it. As a waiver i would like to say i will be sharing my opinions and views on scripture and other topics possibly, but that by no means, means it is the only valid opinion or view. Feel free to correct me on any doctrine etc,etc, you think I'm off on and we can have a spiritual conversation about it.Thanks.